About Us

LGDeal - The world’s leading online marketplace for the finest lab-grown diamonds. Simplifying conventional LGD processes by providing direct access to suppliers and buyers from all around the world.

Who We Are

Background: Innovation birthed from crisis

LGDeal started as a dream to revolutionize the current lab-grown diamonds market. It was our desire to simplify the conventional process of trading lab-grown diamonds into one that is safer, more time-efficient, transparent and much less complicated.

Our founders found a potential problem-solver, one that would transform traditional diamonds trading, and it was to digitalize the market of lab-grown diamonds.

The idea of fusing powerful IT solutions with an unrivalled collection of top-grade lab-grown diamonds was birthed, and LGDeal was officially launched worldwide in year 2020.

Our Team: World-Class Expertise

LGDeal is backed by a remote team of trained first-class IT specialists, sales and marketing professionals with an accumulative of over 30 years of experience in the lab-grown diamonds manufacturing and retail industry and are highly respected individuals in their respective circle of expertise.

Our Vision

LGDeal is the first-ever non-reseller digital marketing platform designed specifically to act as a medium for top-grade lab-grown diamonds trading. LGDeal aims to be the leading marketplace that provides direct access to the most influential lab-grown diamonds players, both sellers and buyers alike, excelling locally and globally.

Our Mission

Whether you’re a seasoned lab-grown diamonds seller, jewellery manufacturer, or aspiring collector, LGDeal makes it our utmost priority to keep your trading experience and transactions, safe and transparent. Discover lab-grown diamonds of the finest quality and skip time-consuming processes.

Our Promise To You
Deal with Trusted Suppliers Deal with Trusted Suppliers

All suppliers and buyers are user-rated with real authenticated reviews. Profiles are also shown to display full information about them.

  • We help you trade safely:
  • Directly communicate with your ideal candidate via our user-friendly chatbox.
  • Conduct pricing and quote negotiations fully through our system.
  • Discuss your full terms without interruptions
Deal with Trusted Suppliers Unrivalled Selection

Our platform features 631,808 finest top-grade lab-grown diamonds. All stones on our platform are certified.

Find your product with detailed descriptions of diamond parameters as well as view samples and ready-made documents before making a decision.

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Deal with Trusted Suppliers Fast Transactions at the Best Value Price

LGDeal guarantees our customers convenience like no other by subtracting complex transactions processes at no extra cost and only the best deals for paramount value.

All items listed on our marketplace platform are sold according to the manufacturer’s price with 0% mark-ups from middlemen. Buyers can enjoy our services free of charge.

Stay updated with your latest transaction status with our visual tracking system.

Deal with Trusted Suppliers Dedicated Customer Service

Our team is here to ensure you get the best experience. Whether you’re a buyer finding your desired perfect diamond or a dealer looking for serious buyers, we are here to provide you with the utmost support.

Looking for help? Visit our FAQs page or contact us at [email protected]