How can I track a delivery?
All of our deals and deliveries have hyperlinked tracking numbers in them. Simply click on the link and it will show you a detailed delivery status.
What is "Standard Invoice"? Can I use my own?
Standard invoice is a universal contract form that is automatically generated to simplify the transaction process. If you want to use your own, then upload yours at the "payment and delivery" stage. Before doing so, make sure it contains all the required information.
What does the "Archive" feature do?
"Archive" allows you to hide a stone from the catalog, while not removing it from your stock. For example, if the diamond is reserved by a customer, it will still be in your stock, but not viewable in the catalog.
What do timers do? What happens if I miss it?
We use timers to speed up transactions and remind users to take action. When the timer expires we will send a reminder and various actions will become available. For example, if the supplier did not respond to the request within 24 hours, then it becomes possible for you to cancel the order.
I want to upload my own memo document. Is that possible?
Yes, you can. When at the terms agreement stage, you will need to set desired parameters. During the next stage, instead of selecting automatically generated, you will sign and upload your own memo document.
I want to return diamonds that I have on memo. How do I do this?
This is an automated process on our platform. After you receive the stones, you will be able to request a return for one or any number of diamonds. Once this is done, a delivery is created. Once the supplier confirms the stones were received, the return process will be completed.
How do I return my diamonds ahead of memo schedule?
The platform allows you to track what stones the client has and the timing of the memo. If necessary, you can recall the stones back using the "request a return" button.
Who pays for shipping and taxes?
The shipping and taxes are parameters set as part of the deal. This information will be discussed prior to closing the deal and will be reflected in the standard invoice.
Can I bargain on the platform?
Yes! We believe bargaining is an important part of the deal. That is is why there is the "Deal Negotiation" stage in each deal. This stage allows you to connect with the supplier via direct chat where you can discuss negotiatoins and price adjustments.
I don't want to bargain for too long. How do I refuse the offered terms?
There is an option for fast deals on the platform. The supplier can also use the "Last Offer" feature and the buyer can purchase diamonds on the initial terms with one click. These steps can be completed during the "Deal Negotiation" stage by clicking a button at the bottom of the screen.
How do I reserve a diamond?
Once you send a deal request for the diamond, the diamond will be reserved for you. You will then enter the negotiation process.
How can I contact a supplier if they do not answer me and I need a diamond as soon as possible?
If the reply timer has expired and you didn't get a reply in 24 hours, we will assist and contact the supplier. If 24 hours is too long for you, please contact us and our manager will assist you.
As a supplier, I want to work only on 100% pre-payment terms. Is it possible?
Yes, you can set 100% pre-payment as initial deal terms. There is an option to avoid further payment term negotiations by selecting the "Make Final Offer" button.
Can I list my stock on LGDeal and on other platforms simultaneously?
Yes, you can. Unlike other platforms, we don't want to limit your sales by placing any kind of restrictions. We just ask that you keep your stock updated.
Can I list my diamonds without any photo or video materials?
Yes, you can; however, diamonds with media materials are more likely to be purchased.
How big does my stocklist need to be before uploading?
You can upload any number of diamonds.
Why are there only colorless diamonds in the catalog?
You can switch to fancy diamonds with the corresponding button on the catalog page.
Can I buy and sell diamonds simultaneously?
Yes, the supplier's account provides this ability.
Can I completely remove my account?
Yes, we can remove your account and all/partial data associated with it according to your requirements. Just email us to [email protected]