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various colorful synthetic diamonds with details
Colors of Lab Grown Diamonds and Its Causes
Did you know that diamonds come in almost any color? And you can choose any one you need among laboratory-grown diamonds? In this article, we consider the possible colors of diamonds grown in the laboratory and the mechanisms of their formation so that you understand what kind of product you are purchasing and how it is produced.
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colour grading names indecating to diamonds and color circule
Color grading of lab grown diamonds
In this article you will know how to correctly characterize the color of a diamond. We will consider the cost of laboratory-grown fancy color diamonds and the most attractive colors of Lab-Grown Diamonds.
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a cubical shape that is showing making diamond process
Differences Between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds
What are the differences between natural and lab grown diamonds and imitations of a diamond? What are two principal distinguishing features of natural and lab grown diamonds? In this article, we consider how natural and lab grown diamonds can be distinguished from each other, and what is the difference between them, if any difference even exists.
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